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In my continuing assignment for my multimedia class this week, I’ve researched and annotated five of my favorite OER sites.

The ReadWriteThink website, created by the National Council of Teachers of English, may have a plethora of resources for ELA teachers, but it also contains dozens of interactives such as timelines, Venn Diagrams, and webbing tools that can be used in cross-curricular activities.

Younger students and struggling older students can use some of the interactives to write letters and summaries.

The site covers language arts-related lesson plans and interactives for K-12 students and has accumulated so much over the years that it’s nearly impossible to not find something related to any type of ELA content.  Even for other curricular areas, tools are available to help students synthesize content.

Material can be searched by grade level, curricular goal, or theme, but even browsing through the interactives can inspire plenty of new uses in your classroom.