Occasionally, Alice Keeler will post her favorite shortcuts, such as command + L to highlight the URL and, most recently, command + W to close a window.  Although I’m still working at getting into the habit of command+W, I know I’m really going to like it and speed up my grading process.

Here’s my favorite shortcut in Google Docs:  Option + Command + M


When I first started using comments on Google Docs, I found always clicking on the “comment” button tedious, so I quickly trained myself to use this shortcut.  It’s now so engrained in my process that when I try to share the shortcut with students and colleagues, I find myself unsure of what buttons to tell them–my fingers have the pattern memorized.

But the time it has saved me?  I can’t fathom.  I can make comments without my eyes ever leaving the text of the paper.  I can type a comment quickly, and by the end of the comment, I’m already continuing on with the text.