Curriculet new current eventsAny of my blog or Twitter followers know I’m a huge proponent of Curriculet.  Every time I use it, I marvel at its effectiveness.  Students can read extra annotations to point out inferences or allusions they may not pick up on their own or watch related videos.

And just when I think it can’t get much better, it does.

Curriculet and USA Today are working together to create current event Curriculets!

First of all, they are cross-curricular.  Not only is this for social studies teachers, but for arts, science, physical education, health–articles are available for any subject area.

Plus, they’re premade.  No questions to make up, no annotations to add on.  All the work is done for you.  Need a quick subplan?  Want to integrate more non-fiction reading into your class but you don’t have time?  Everything is done for you.  The questions are well-written and correspond to Common Core standards.

Curriculet current events 2

Many of them link to videos, infographics, or other articles for the students to read, so not only are students reading one article, but they’re “reading” other media that enriches and deepens their understanding.

It’s a huge win for digital literacy.