Yesterday I compared Quizizz to other selected response systems.

And I found out thanks to Ankit Gupta (@ankit042) that a few days ago Quizizz added brand spanking new updates to Quizizz!

Here’s a rundown of them below:

Quizizz  Select Question Set

Jumble Order:  When my students tried out Quizizz before, I was disappointed to see the questions scrambled.  I had set up a “Finding the Main Points” quiz so that a few early questions would get them warmed up to more difficult later questions.  Then I realized they were all scrambled!  My students were flipping through their hard copy papers (with passages) with every question.  But now, I have the option to shut off the jumble order if I desire.

Show Leaderboard:  I love the competition that leaderboards bring on, but if it’s early on in a unit and students are still in the early learning stages, I may not want students to feel that competition yet.  That’s why I love the ability to shut this off.

Show Answers:  Most of the time I definitely want my students to see the answers at the end of a quiz.  I want them to know right away what they missed.  So often, it’s the ones I missed back in high school that I remember most today nearly 20 years later, and I think this “instant gratification” of seeing the answers helps feed this.  Of course, teachers can shut this off if they don’t want classes sharing answers with later sections.

Question Timer:  One issue I had with Kahoot (and Quizizz to an extent) was a time constraint.  Sometimes I like giving students more points for quick responses, especially for lower-level depths of knowledge.  But I’ve found that students often get in such a rush to get their answer in that they accidentally click the wrong one.  Now I can shut the question timer off on Quizizz, which eliminates the timing anxiety that encourages students to rush through a question.

Shut off Meme:  After students answer a question, a meme pops up to inform them of their success or miss.  Teachers may now choose to shut off the memes (I love them, but these can be distracting for lower elementary classes.)

If I could have one more update, it would be the ability to add a graphic/media to each question.  Currently you can add a graphic to serve as a background to the question text, but often I give students passages to read (or re-read).  I can also see social studies teachers wanting to use maps, math teachers inserting angles and shapes, and science teachers inserting images of cells or chemical equations.  For now, I create a hard copy handout with passages on it for my students.

I’m very psyched about these new updates from Quizizz!  More than ever, I highly encourage everyone to check these out!