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Royalty Free and Creative Commons Photos Links: A Symbaloo for Students

I have very few plagiarism problems in my classroom–with the written word.

With images–well, that’s a different story.

To help remedy this, I’m using lesson plans from Common Sense Media to instill in my students that using images without permission or attribution is the same as plagiarism. (I’m also hoping to snag a few photos of theirs or images of their artwork to post without their permission, to hit the lesson further home.)

Earlier this summer, I also set up a Symbaloo with links to a variety of sites that are either public domain or Creative Commons. (Thanks to Rachael Burden at 180 Days to Happy for giving me a few more tonight!) I’ve used Symbaloo before to share student Smores and other resources, and the visual tiles on Symbaloo seem to work better for students than having a written list of links on a webpage.  They try out more links rather than focusing on one or two. I hope they’ll do the same with this Symbaloo:



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