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I’ve introduced my students to Meatloaf.

Not only because they need to be exposed to melodramatic power ballads, but also because it was a catchy title for a quick vocabulary game.

The premise is simple.  Students write sentences using two out of three vocabulary words.

Here are more details:



-Make cards with three vocabulary words on them (this could also be adapted to any curricular area). I made at least five for each group of students.

-Split students into groups/teams of 3-5 people. (I prefer smaller groups so it’s harder to piggyback on others.)

-Each team needs a piece of easel paper and markers.



-The game begins by giving each group a card with three words.

-As teams get to work creating their first sentences, turn on “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” in the background. This serves as the timer for the game.

-As teams finish a sentence and you approve it, give them another card.

-The game ends when the music ends.


This is a fun way for students to practice using the words in sentences, seeing connections between words, and better understanding words. Working in groups, students find it non-threatening, and I’m able to point out errors and suggest slight sentence alterations as I’m roaming around.