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Google Drawing for Assignment Maps

I haven’t used Google Drawing much. And I think that’s about to change…

My Brit Lit students are getting ready to read The Canterbury Tales, but it’s a type of reading that takes a little prep and background information.  In fact, I had three different activities I wanted them to do before we started reading, but I wanted them to be able to work at their own pace.

Pair that with wanting to provide students a more modern idea of the setting still existing in our modern world, and the Path to Canterbury was born.

I wish I would’ve thought of this sooner because it’s so easy. First I snagged a map that showed the route from Southwark (London) to Canterbury. Then I added some images of the Tabard Inn and Canterbury Cathedral. Finally, I added “rest stops” along the road for students to complete.

The first rest stop is an introductory video in Zaption that shows the evolution of English and a background of Chaucer and the Tales. The second rest stop is a personality test (through Riddle) so students find which pilgrim they are most connected to (and increases engagement to the text). Finally, the last rest stop are two more videos on Zaption that show modern pilgrimages to the shrine of the Lady of Guadalupe and Mecca.

We tried it out today, and it works really well. I’ll definitely do this again–next time with longer paths, hopefully evolving to full units where students get even more ownership over their pace and choice of assignments.


  1. Would you be willing to share this Canterbury Tales hyperdoc? I would really like to use it for my class.

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