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Flipgrid Reading Reviews

For our final reading response of the year, I tried the new Flipgrid app, and let me tell you–amazingly simple and simply amazing.

After creating a Flipgrid account, I started my first grid and shared it with students with the following information:

Share the best book you read this year! Include a SUMMARY of the book and WHY the book was the best!

Things to consider for your video:  Background music? Setting/background? A guest? Notecards? Props?

Awards will be give for the following videos:
-Most attention grabbing
-Most creative
-Most persuasive

I was so impressed with the ease of the program. Students could easily make their videos. Plus, creating the videos also provided another way for students to practice their speaking standards and overcome nervousness of speaking to a camera (which is similar to nervousness of speaking to an audience).

Then, one student took it another step in creativity by adding credits:

Jacob’s video opened the door. Then Chism, whose book was Gym Candy, set his reading response in the weight room:

From then on the creativity exploded! I never imagined two students teaming up to do this:

Or an homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

On just one assignment–so much creativity! Yes, some students kept it simple and straightforward (you can see more here), but they were able to face the camera and create a great go-to resource for next year’s students who are looking for an independent reading book!



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  1. I loved the Flipgrid videos – they were funny to watch – I wish every school would use it.

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