“My Tweetdeck is a big ball of chaos” — Jonathan Spike said it, but everyone involved with the #games4ed last night would have to agree. The chat was fast-moving, impossible to keep up with, and filled with genius #gbl and #education knowledge!

The chat was a follow up to Steven Isaacs and Matthew Farber’s EdWeb webinar earlier in the afternoon, Games as a Centerpiece to Student Learning. Here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  • Assessment in #GBL Classrooms: How do you assess student learning through gameplay rather than a traditional assessment? Chatters suggested using reflections through Google Forms, using students’ screenshots with annotations, and teacher conferences with students. The great Mitch Weisburgh mentioned that some teachers let students suggest the form of assessment to use — an amazing example of student voice.
  • Differentiation: One way to differentiate in a #GBL classroom is through the types of assessments used. Students can also be paired up to work together through games, or in RPG games or game design projects, students can choose roles that they feel capable doing. (It all comes down to student voice & student choice, baby.)
  • StoriumEdu!: Storium is a great collaborative and gamified story writing platform, but some stories do contain content for 18 and above. The great news: Storium is now developing StoriumEdu, which will provide a safe place for younger students to collaborate in story writing!

To read the transcripts and peruse the resources from the chat, go to Participate.

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