Homemade pink cards made with Google slides used with Funemployed cards.

This DIY game is a Game-Smash of Dominoes and Apples to Apples/Funemployed/Any text-card game that you currently have.

How to play: 

  • Players hold 5 cards in their hands at all times.
  • A player lays a card down either next to or directly above/below an already-played card that somehow connects to his card in definition or connotation.
  • Players must then explain and argue why the connection makes sense.
  • The rest of the players either confirm or reject the card
  • Play continues to the next player.

Setup: To modify the game to your own content, you’ll need to make some of your own cards. I used Google Slides to create my own set of vocabulary cards. You can create your own text or print blank cards and have students write in words and definitions. Then add cards from another game (I use Apples to Apples or Funemployed).

My students have further modified by adjusting the points earned for definition cards and turning cards sideways (as you can do with dominoes blocks.

It’s a game that we’re still developing and fine-tuning, but with its basic mechanics, players learn it quickly.