This is my most recent project in my classroom: a new pillow/bulletin board corner.

There’s actually glass behind that corkboard, which used to allow passersby to peek in. I really liked it because I love sharing what’s happening in my classroom. But alas, in this day and age of security, we teachers had to cover up our windows. Some used curtains, some used posters, and some used frosted contact paper.

I wanted to make this functional, so instead, I first taped black posterboard to the glass, and then glued the corkboards to the posterboard.  Then I just tacked on those papers that have to be displayed in every room, our Celebrate Life board, and a Classcraft poster. The top is blank for now, but there I plan to add some clips for student work.

This may not be the prettiest, coolest way to cover up the glass, but I’m satisfied with its functionality. As the year goes on, my students or I can repurpose this area as needed.

Note: The cork boards aren’t as thick as my other bulletin boards. Papers that are changed or used frequently, such as daily announcements and the room checkout/check-in sheet, hang on another nearby board, where the thicker cork secures them more.