I have the pleasure of teaching both juniors and seniors in British Literature, but weeks like this cause problems. The juniors have to do MAPS (standardized testing), but the seniors don’t. Over two weeks, we have three days where the seniors need an alternate activity while the juniors are busy.

Enter Digital Breakout sidequests!

Since we’re reading Beowulf, I created a digital breakout last weekend based on an article I read about an Anglo-Saxon teen who was recently unearthed. Incidentally, she was buried with a cross, which made it one of the earliest Christian graves in England.

Both juniors and seniors can work on solving the digital breakout, though seniors simply have more class time to work on it.

To make my breakouts, I love using Google sites. It’s easy to embed a Google form, link images, and add Google docs and sheets. Plus, students can work on these together or independently as a side quest.

Want to check it out? Just click the image below!