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Pear Deck gave me a belated Christmas gift:  A new home page!

I love the new window that displays decks that have been recently used.  I’ll usually create a deck to cover several days–sometimes an entire unit–and so I’ll open it a dozen times before I put it away for the year.

Until now, I’ve saved a session and then reopened the deck each time to forego searching my Google Drive and staying within the PearDeck site.  Now, it’s a simple click on my presentation in the recent events.

Today I used a Pear Deck to teach grammar.  The app has become my favorite way to address grammar because students can practice for 5-10 minutes each day.  I can give a traditional lecture on a topic–today’s was subject verb agreement with multiple subjects–and then give them practice problems to complete right on the slides on their computers.  On my iPad I can watch all of them complete the task and see who’s struggling.  When we’re ready to check the answers, I can choose a random student slide to project on the projector screen to use as a visual aid while I’m explaining.

Then we’re done.  No papers to look over.  If I want to, however, I can save the session and look over their work later on.

Want to take a look?  Here it is:  Subject-Verb Agreement Pear Deck

I’m an unabashed supporter, promoter, and user of Pear Deck.  It’s simple interface and amazing student interaction make my lectures much more dynamic.  Plus, I can do quick formative assessments and vastly reduce the paper load.