In my last post, I described how I introduced the growth mindset concept to my students using a video embedded in Zaption.  This post will describe how I introduced studying and learning techniques described in the book Make it Stick to my 11-12 grade students.

After reading the book this summer, I wanted to share some the Make It Stick learning concepts to my students. However, the research is fairly new, and although there are a variety of articles published on the internet about this topic (specifically, I would recommend Annie Murphy Paul’s recent stories in Scientific American), most of them are geared toward either an audience of educators or adults.

My other objective was getting a pulse on my students’ reading abilities. I’d hoped by finding articles about this topic, I could also get a baseline measurement of student comprehension through their short responses.

Finally, I found three articles that worked well:

1. “How to Supercharge the Way You Learn” by David Robson

2. “6 Important Things You Should Know about how Your Brain Learns” by Belle Beth Cooper 

3. “The Lesson You Never Got Taught in School:  How to Learn” by Simon Oxenham


I uploaded these articles to the Actively Learn website, where you can embed questions and media into a piece of writing. Plus, it has a super-slick grading screen that allows you to move through student responses faster than any product I’ve seen.

Actively Learn


The last step that students completed was a sketch note, where they wrote and sketched what they thought were the most interesting highlights of the articles.  Below are some student examples:


IMG_0749IMG_0750 IMG_0748 IMG_0745