Ever since I heard Catlin Tucker talk about Station Rotation a year ago, I’ve been interested in using the strategy. Last year it didn’t happen, so this year, I’ve pushed myself to do it.

On this, the fifth day of school, we’ve done it twice.

This isn’t a post about the amazingness of the strategy, how I can’t believe I’ve missed out on it all this time.

But it’s not about it being a complete failure.

It’s…been okay.

The first day I really enjoyed it, partly because I took myself out of the equation. I was able to observe students working–and teaching–each other. Today I took my own group and used it to show them how to check out books and navigate the bookshelves. The other two stations were looking through genre baskets and viewing FlipGrid book reviews of former students.

In general, the students I’ve taught before were committed. Students who enjoy reading were committed. Those who don’t enjoy reading–they generally did the minimum.

Maybe it was because I didn’t talk with many of them one-on-one. In fact, the few conversations-where I was really able to connect with a student and make some solid book suggestions or get an insight to what they liked–those were the times I felt successful.

Looking back on today, maybe I put aside the shelves and checking out. Or maybe I somehow make those independent tasks and set aside more time for conversations.

And maybe I just need to remember that  turning students into readers is a process. I need to keep talking, conversing with them one-on-one. Finding the books that match them.

It’s not time to abandon station rotation yet. We’ll keep trying, being consistent. Sometimes really good strategies take time.