As an English/Language Arts teacher, I don’t have a lot of coding in my classroom. We do a bit of HTML when we do Choose Your Own Adventure stories on Twine, but that’s it.

This past week, Hour of Code week, I decided to offer an opportunity for interested students. On Classcraft, I made a sidequest for students to complete a set of Angry Birds challenges on Code.Org. 

The sidequest served to be a perfect Friday activity for those done with their regular work for the week. In fact, one of my senior girls enjoyed it so much that she’s considering taking coding next semester.

If you haven’t checked out, it’s filled with many great coding games like this that are applicable to all ages. Even though my juniors and seniors enjoyed this, my 5th grade son could easily enjoy it just as much. (In addition, even my experienced coders challenged themselves with the complexity of the blocks and routes they made.)