My students have long enjoyed playing Bring Your Own Book, where they find short phrases for such prompts as “Name of a Romance Novel” or “Title of a Christmas Song.”

This year, I wanted to spice up my book dating day, so I launched “BYOB Speed Dating.” Here’s how it worked:

Students selected a book from the pile of 10 books on their table (ones I preselected to cover a variety of interests and reading levels.) Each student then had 3 minutes to select a phrase from the opening pages for that prompt. Prompts varied from “Superhero Catchphrase” to “Pro Wrestler Name” to “Phrase you don’t want to hear your grandmother say” (Side note: Do remind students of being school appropriate 😉

I also use PearDeck for this activity. It allows complete anonymity. However, you can go “non-tech” and use post it notes or scratch paper, too.

For the first round, I select my favorite as the winner. Each student group then rotates to the next table, and the previous winner becomes the judge for the next round.

Not only does the game provide more purpose to looking through the books, but it gets students more engaged in the first few pages. By the end of the day, I had at least a dozen students who’d already claimed books to start reading.