In one of the classes I took last semester, we had to do a lot of reading, but we didn’t do a lot of writing. Instead of writing 300 to 500-word reading responses each week, we created visual collages. 

This type of response made me consider how I would use visual images to represent what I was learning and thinking instead of language. I considered what colors or images I would use for my background, what videos I might embed from YouTube, and what images and shapes I might add to represent concepts in the reading.

I liked this idea so much that I decided to use it in my own classroom. One way I did this was through visual book responses with my students. Each of my students reads their own choice of book at the beginning of each class.  Although we also have daily bullet journals for reading, I wanted to see what students could create with their own visual responses to their own books.

The Prep Work

For each section I taught, I created a slide deck. The opening slide gave the directions (see below), followed by a sample collage slide that I created. I then made a slide for each student and typed their name in the notes. (Students can also create their own slides, but I like to do a little more front work to prevent confusion later.)

When students were finished, I copied all the slides into one slidedeck so that they would be able to view the slides of other classmates as well. Last, students filled out a Google form that asked them which slides were their favorite and which books they might be interested in reading based on the slides.

Check out their slides below!