I’m still trying to get used to narrating screencasts. I’m more comfortable with it now, and my students comment that they like seeing me narrate on the screen.

But there are times I don’t want to do a screencast–especially when I have bedhead and am still in my pajamas at 10 am on a Saturday morning.

That’s where a Gami comes in handy.

Using the Tellagami app on your iPad, you first create your narrator by selecting his/her appearance. More options are available for minimal cost if you want variety. Then you can select from a variety of backgrounds…or upload your own. Since the video I created is set in the Beowulf unit, I uploaded a Norse background. Finally, you record your message. Messages less than 30-seconds are free, but you can upgrade to 90-second messages for only $.99.

At that point, the animated message can be viewed online, or it can be saved to your iPad–this second option allowed me to email it to my computer and embed it into my video on Camtasia.

Gamis can not only be a great tool for teachers, but for students as well. In iPad classrooms, students can create Gamis as an alternative form of assessment. Plus, Gamis can be embedded into blogs, so they can be shared with the outside world.

Here’s my Gami: